frequently asked questions

1. Where do you ship?
Currently, we only ship within the US. Shipping is free.

2. What date do you ship each month and tracking number provided with shipment?
Ship on the 19th of each month. Yes, we provide a tracking number. Simply login to your account to retrieve your tracking number (available by the 20th).

3. What is your refund, return and exchange policy?
Unfortunately, there is no refund, return or exchange unless you receive a damaged product. We will only exchange your jewelry.

4. How do you cancel membership?
Login to your account to cancel your membership. Canceling will remove you credit card completely.

5. How do you update shipping address?
Login to your account and quickly update this information.

6. My credit card information safe?
Yes, we use PayPal’s subscription merchant payment. PayPal also has Guest checkout as well.

7. What happens if my credit card is declined?
You will receive alert via email that your credit card was not processed. At that point, login to Paypal account to update your credit card information.

8. How do I track my referral points?
Simply login to your account to view how many points you have earned.

9. How do I leave a review?
Login to your account to quickly leave a review.

10. When do I receive my jewelry if I subscribe after the 14th?
You will be placed in next month shipment. Credit card will be charged on the 14th of next month.