4.8 overall rating

Barbara M  (11/03/2019)    

Melissa L  (10/14/2019)    
Love love love this subscription
Clara B  (09/20/2019)    

Netesha J  (08/29/2019)    
Everything was so nice!!
Michele P  (08/22/2019)    

Maristza L  (08/07/2019)    
I received my first bag last month and it was top shelf. I was nervous it would be plated with nickel, so I took it to a jeweler and he confirmed it is indeed sterling silver - WOW!!! I recommend this subscription for sure 😀
Stacey A  (07/16/2019)    
I received my first package and pendant is my favorite! I am not too fond of the charm, but my daughter loves it, so I guess that worked out for everyone. Cannot wait for the next bag, I hope I like the charm as much as I liked my last pendant.
Olivia K.  (07/01/2019)    
This is my first month and I happy with both...well packaged. My favorite is the teddy bear charm. My daughter keeps stealing it. Definitely wear these everyday. The quality is more that worth the price…cannot wait to see next month bag. Keep up the great work, love supporting female entrepreneurs!!!!!! WEAR TO WORK EVERYDAY!
Jessica H.   (07/01/2019)    
I had to leave a review. this subscription is fantastic! The Dolphin pendant is absolutely beautiful. like wow! Do not mind the heard charm…look forward to next month bag. I am afraid I am going to be hooked for awhile. Love the picture with you and your son and LOVE the cause supporting kids. NO child should have to worry about having a meal.
Christina H.   (07/01/2019)    
love this subscription bag. It`s like a gift to me each month. If you live jewellery and surprises this is definitely one for you! You can tell that Pandora overcharges, cause $100 for pendant that I know cost them not even close to that price. You are on to something here, not shopping at Pandora going forward. The heart pendant is the exact one I saw on their site and it was $95, THE EXACT SAME ONE – STERLING SILVER HEART!
Kelly B.  (07/01/2019)    
These charms were well made and very cute! Just wanted to try them and glad I tried. worth every single penny. I love changing the pendants for work, perfect classy look.
Nina T.   (06/30/2019)    
I look forward to my jewelry (pendants) every month. Not much of charm, but I am starting to wear it, a lot of compliements. The packaging is always so cute and the jewelry is fantastic quality.
Sherry C.  (06/30/2019)    
I love this subscription!! I have gotten a two bags so far and the charm is beautiful!!! The quality is great and you can`t beat the price!!
Tanisha S.   (06/30/2019)    
This is the second bag from the company I have remained subscribed too. Getting my pendants and charms are the highlight of my month! Value for your money! Each piece is solid in craftsmanship and looks MUCH more expensive than it is!
Paulette W.  (06/30/2019)    
Was hesitant to get a jewelry bag subscription, not that I didn`t want one, but the ones I saw were not for me. I was very curious, and I am glad I signed up! The jewelry is high quality and that is a BIG plus in my book.